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Dr Gabriel Roux is Director and principal clinical psychologist at Flourish Psychology. He completed his professional Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at the University of Queensland. He has worked full-time in private practice for the last 12 years, and has extensive experience treating a diverse range of psychological difficulties across the lifespan.  


Gabriel takes a warm and compassionate approach, and builds a strong rapport with his clients. He is passionate about seeing people thrive, and is dedicated to helping his clients achieve meaningful and lasting improvements in emotional wellbeing. Gabriel enjoys working with teenagers and adults, assisting them to achieve their goals by deepening their self-understanding, helping them process and grow from challenging life experiences, and overcome personal barriers utilising evidence-based strategies to enhance wellbeing. Gabriel has a special interest in performance psychology and assisting individuals and teams to operate at their best and achieve ambitious goals. He has worked closely with professionals at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and in schools and businesses to improve staff wellbeing and performance in the workplace. Gabriel also provides professional supervision to postgraduate psychology students, and to psychologists wishing to obtain clinical endorsement.

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