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Dr. Dana Wyner completed her PhD in clinical psychology (2004) at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  She worked for many years in university mental health clinics providing care to students and athletes.  She also supervised graduate students in clinical psychology and operated a solo private practice in the USA before relocating to Australia and the Sunshine Coast in 2022. 


Dana’s approach to clinical work demonstrates a profound respect for each client’s uniqueness and autonomy.  Her interpersonal style reflects warmth, curiosity, and transparency about the therapeutic process, and she assists clients to achieve their goals through a strengths-focused integration of cognitive-behavioural, acceptance and commitment, interpersonal, psychodynamic, emotion-focused, and mindfulness-based strategies.  With an appreciation of the trust and courage that people bring to the challenging work of therapy, Dana is passionate about helping her clients achieve a greater sense of personal fulfillment, healing, and connection. 

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