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Flourish Psychology was established from a desire to provide professional, gold standard psychological services to the Sunshine Coast community in a positive and authentic environment. As a team, we are dedicated to building strong, supportive relationships with our clients and providing evidence-based treatments to enhance wellbeing.

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Dr Gabriel Roux (not currently accepting new clients) is an experienced practitioner, and Director at Flourish Psychology. He enjoys helping people improve their emotional health and wellbeing and to move forward by finding solutions to the challenges they face. He is skilled in working across a diverse range of difficulties, including anxiety and stress-related conditions, mood disorders, burnout, and psychosomatic illnesses such as Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Gabriel also provides support to individuals operating in high-pressure environments across the sporting, business, medical and creative industries, enabling individuals to achieve their best.

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Dr Gemma Roux (not currently accepting new clients) is an experienced clinician, and Director at Flourish Psychology. She works across a diverse range of disorders, and has a special interest in postnatal adjustment, identity, stress and anxiety. Gemma is passionate about helping people connect with purpose and overcome barriers to reaching their potential. She is an accomplished writer and key-note speaker, using her skills across both television and written media.

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Andrew Gatus (currently accepting new clients via telehealth platforms) has extensive experience treating symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, along with post-traumatic stress, social skills difficulties, substance use, and anger management. He has a relaxed and flexible approach to therapy, and a keen interest in the relationship between trauma, anxiety, and dissociation.

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Melanie Webley is an experienced clinical psychologist who completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland. She has worked in private practice for the past 8 years delivering evidence-based treatment to children, adolescents and adults. Melanie has previously worked in the public sector treating children and adults with neurodevelopmental delays and significant mental health disorders. She has also worked in health psychology roles helping clients manage acute and chronic health conditions. 

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Graham Kell (not currently accepting new clients until October 2024) is an experienced clinical psychologist and advanced certified Schema Therapist. He enjoys helping children, adolescents, adults, couples, and parents navigate a wide range of mental health and relationship challenges. He has a passion for seeing people break through long-standing unhelpful patterns of thinking and relating. Graham’s compassionate approach, combined with his evidence-based expertise, promotes recovery and helps clients find the healthiest version of themselves. He has also developed children’s therapy materials, interactive visual resources for adults and couples, and is an accomplished key-note speaker and published author in scientific journals. 

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Amy Schultz enjoys working across all age groups, treating depression and anxiety disorders, symptoms of stress, adjustment difficulties, grief and loss. Her warm, understanding, and non-judgemental approach enables her to establish strong therapeutic relationships with her clients. Amy also draws on her years of experience in public relations and as a music teacher, to understand and adapt learning experiences to match the individual needs of each of her clients.

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Christopher Garoni has a passion for working with people from across the lifespan experiencing a broad variety of difficulties, and prides himself on creating a warm, safe, and trusting environment for clients to share their stories and reach their goals. Chris is experienced in working with adolescents and adults, and is skilled in providing cognitive behavioural, and acceptance-based strategies. 

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Karen McCulloch completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology at the Australian Catholic University. She has had experience treating adults across the lifespan presenting with a range of psychological difficulties. This includes stress and PTSD, anxiety disorders (including OCD), depression, life transitions with a special interest in retirement challenges, relationship and interpersonal challenges including family and parenting difficulties.

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Chloe Lafon enjoys working with adolescents and adults presenting with a range of difficulties. She has experience in treating anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, adjustment difficulties, low self-esteem, grief and loss. Drawing from a range of evidence-based treatments Chloe aims to provide individualised and collaborative strategies to each person she works with. Chloe strives to create a warm and relaxed therapeutic relationship with an emphasis on compassion and a non-judgemental approach. She is passionate about helping individuals meet their goals and make long-term changes to promote overall wellbeing.

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Kyla Reid enjoys working with adults across a range of difficulties including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, assertiveness difficulties, emotion regulation difficulties, relationship difficulties, adjustment issues and stress. Kyla uses and draws from a variety of therapeutic modalities to ensure an individualised and tailored approach to treatment. She is a warm therapist who aims to provide a supportive and relaxed environment.

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Genevieve Whybird Genevieve has a warm, compassionate, and strengths-based approach to therapy which helps foster strong, trusting, and open therapeutic relationships with clients. She has experience working with adolescents and adults with severe and complex mental health conditions in the public system, along with experience supporting individuals and families navigating health difficulties in an oncology setting. She enjoys helping adolescents and adults experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, substance misuse, adjustment or role transition difficulties, low self-esteem, and interpersonal challenges. Genevieve is passionate about her work and takes pride in providing a space where clients can feel comfortable and safe while working towards their treatment goals.

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Melanie Parkes is warm, compassionate, and genuine in her approach, tailoring her therapeutic approach to meet her clients’ unique needs. She enjoys working with adults, adolescents and children to navigate various life stages and challenges and draws on evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). She enjoys working with individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions, substance misuse, emotional dysregulation, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, and exploration and affirmation of gender and sexual diversity.

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Jalasayi Atkinson-Nolte (Jala) is a compassionate and warm psychologist with a Masters level qualification in Clinical Psychology. She enjoys working with concerns such as anxiety, depression, complex trauma, and communication and relationship issues. Jala is also interested in supporting clients on their journey to living purposefully, building strong connections, developing healthy boundaries, and managing career and academic progression. Jala draws from various therapeutic frameworks to ensure that treatment is evidence-based and tailored to suit clients’ needs. Jala has completed additional training in emotion focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and the Gottman Method approach.

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Dr Jacqui Trüter is a skilled clinical psychologist with a passion for working with children and adults experiencing a range of mental health difficulties, including anxiety, low self-esteem, identity, trauma, grief and loss. In addition, she has a special interest in supporting adults in parenting, family relationships and postnatal adjustment. Jacqui has a warm, understanding and collaborative approach, which supports her to build strong therapeutic relationships with her clients, which she views as central to her practice. She is experienced in adopting a flexible and creative approach to meet each clients’ individual needs and goals.

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Dr Dana Wyner has been providing compassionate and empowering psychological care for over 15 years to individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Her genuine, open-minded, and collaborative style assists her clients to engage in self-discovery, define and reach goals, build self-esteem, enhance relationship satisfaction, and practice healthy coping.  Dana works across a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationships, identity development, life transitions, chronic pain, burnout, performing under pressure, and trauma.  She also has extensive experience in stress management as well as in facilitating the success of students, professionals, athletes, and other performers.

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Clare Allen is a warm, engaging provisional psychologist with a passion for working with individuals across the lifespan, from children through to adults. She has a particular interest in stress, anxiety and mood disorders, relationship and attachment difficulties, and working through social and cognitive barriers that impact on an individual’s quality of life. Clare is skilled in establishing an open, easy-going rapport with clients and in helping them to ease into therapy with a focus on collaboratively identifying and working towards therapy goals.

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Charlotte Martin is a personable, non-judgemental, compassionate therapist, who understands the importance of each individual feeling heard, understood, and comfortable. Charlotte values a holistic approach to treatment and working together with a client to improve their wellbeing and psychological health. Charlotte uses therapy techniques that include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, appreciating each client has their own unique set of needs and values, and working closely with her clients to ensure an individualised treatment approach.

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Cecilie O’Toole has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and has extensive

experience in treating a variety of disorders, across the lifespan, within the public and private health systems. She has a special interest in stress, anxiety, trauma and burn out, along with personality and relational issues. Cecilie has a calm, compassionate and welcoming nature and has a deep passion for her work and care for her patients.

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Sabine Breitkreuz is a dedicated and compassionate certified counsellor with a passion for helping individuals navigate life’s challenges, particularly in the areas of anxiety,
stress, depression, trauma, attachment issues and low self-esteem. With a warm and empathic demeanour, Sabine strives to inspire positive change and resilience in her clients. Sabine also contributes her strong administrative skills as part of the Flourish reception team.

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Nicole Ehrlich is our Practice Manager and is highly experienced in office management and business administration. She is warm, professional and approachable and believes strongly in the importance of seeking psychological support to overcome challenges and enhance wellbeing. Nicole has been in charge of administration at Flourish Psychology since it was founded.

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Kirsten Monaghan (administration) has a warm and compassionate nature and a background in administration and health. She is very passionate about the value of psychological support and endeavours to provide a supportive, warm and welcoming environment for all individuals.

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Audrey Bru (administration) comes from a family working in the healthcare industry. A French native, she has a friendly and compassionate nature and thrives through human connections. Audrey has great communication and customer service experience working in administration for the last 10 years and will always go the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience at Flourish Psychology.


Isabella Taylor (administration) has a warm and friendly nature, she comes from a customer service background and values creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. She is passionate about the value that psychological support brings and hopes to contribute in making this experience as pleasant as possible.

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