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Dr Gemma Roux is Director and principal clinical psychologist at Flourish Psychology. She completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland and has worked in private practice for the past 15 years, providing evidence based-treatment for individuals across the lifespan with a diverse range of psychological difficulties. She has worked previously in both community and corporate settings, has facilitated group trauma rehabilitation, and has trained healthcare providers in Australia and overseas in the delivery of clinical parenting programs.

Gemma has a passion to see people connect with meaning and purpose, and to build a strong sense of identity. As a parent, she has a special interest in postnatal adjustment, along with anxiety, relationship therapy, enhancing health and wellbeing and assisting women to adapt to life challenges and thrive at every stage of life. Gemma is passionate about empowering individuals through psychological education and training. She enjoys writing and speaking, and has delivered psycho-educational seminars in community, school and corporate settings, on topics including stress and wellbeing, burnout, parenting, and relationship health. Gemma has a special interest in performance psychology and has provided training for professionals at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, to manage stress, burnout and performance anxiety, and to improve overall wellbeing. Gemma also provides professional supervision to postgraduate psychology students, and to psychologists wishing to obtain clinical endorsement.

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